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Subsoilutions are specialist Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment operators and geotechnical service providers. Founded by owner-operators Wouter Zuijderduijn and Jan Mooibroek, Subsoilutions’ geotechnical and CPT capabilities range from offshore, onshore, and everywhere in between. They have performed geotechnical site investigation operations on nearly every expanse of water on the globe.

Subsoilutions are specialist operators of Geomil Equipment’s Manta Seabed CPT and ORCA Wireline CPT Systems, and have service partnership agreements with major offshore construction & installation specialists, including DEME Group, GeoSea, Dredging International, EGS, and G-tec.

Subsoilutions have vast experience managing back-deck geotechnical operations, as Senior Operators, Party Chiefs, and Client Representatives, onboard drilling vessels, geotechnical vessels, and self-elevating platforms.

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Wouter Zuijderduijn
Director & Senior CPT Operator
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Wouter Zuijderduijn
Director & Senior CPT Operator

Wouter Zuijderduijn is the Director and Senior CPT Operator at Subsoilutions. With over 15 years' experience working in the offshore industry, Wouter has built a reputation as one of the leading geotechnical equipment operators, particularly seabed, wireline, and top-push cone penetration testing.

Jan Mooibroek
Director & Senior CPT Operator
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Jan Mooibroek
Director & Senior CPT Operator

Jan Mooibroek is the Director and Senior CPT Operator at Subsoilutions. With over 15 years' experience working in the offshore industry, Jan brings a wealth of experience to challenging offshore construction/installation and geotechnical site investigation projects. Jan is an industry-leading operator of seabed, wireline, seismic, and top-push cone penetration testing equipment.


Manta-200 Seabed CPT
Subsoilutions' Manta 200 Seabed CPT

Subsoilutions are expert operators of Geomil Equipment’s Manta-200 Seabed CPT system and have been an integral part of its continued improvement and development with each new generation.

In early 2019, Subsoilutions will take delivery of its own Manta-200 Seabed CPT system. This will enable us to broaden and strengthen our nearshore and offshore geotechnical services to the constantly evolving Offshore Renewables and Maritime Construction sectors.
The Manta-200 Seabed CPT system comprises a Continuous Drive System (CDS) offering unrivalled durability and efficiency during challenging offshore and subsea conditions.

Key Features
  • Thrust capacity to 200 kN (optional 250 kN)
  • Modular system weight 5 t to 28 t
  • Power and communication via umbilical
  • Real-time CPT data at surface
  • Capable of driving 55 mm diameter casing tubes
  • Variable penetration rate 0 to 45 mm/s
  • Retraction speeds 0 to 80 mm/s
  • Interchangeable hoisting frame
  • Basic setup transportable in a 20 ft container
Thrust Machine
  • Depth rating of 1,200 m
  • Continuous Chain Drive System
  • Push capacity of 200 kN (optional 250 kN)
  • Penetration speed of 5 to 26 mm/sec
  • Retraction speed of 18 to 80 mm/sec
  • Overall height of 2.23 m
  • Overall length of 2.21 m
  • Overall width of 2.21 m
  • Minimum weight of 5 t (Modular)
  • Maximum weight of 28 t (Modular)

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Top-Push CPT

An image displaying Subsoilutions' Top-Push' Penetrometer adjacent to their company vehicle.

Subsoilutions own and operate 21-tonne capacity Top-Push CPT system. Used primarily for nearshore geotechnical site investigations performed from jack-up barges, our top-push CPT unit has successfully completed projects in the North Sea, English Channel, and throughout South America.

The top-push CPT unit comprises two hydraulic ramps driven by an electric–hydraulic power pack, providing a 1.4-metre stroke length. This compact unit can easily and efficiently be installed on various fixed barges and jack-up platforms, and offers a rapid and cost-effective CPT solution for inshore, nearshore or offshore geotechnical operations.

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